Nutritional Consultations



At CYK Nutrition, we believe that nutrition and lifestyle is the key to optimal health. However, when it comes to long-term results, it’s not just what we eat that matters, but also why, how and where.


This is why instead of only focusing on the physiological side on nutrition, we focus on habit building, environmental changes and sustainable approaches to food. This let’s our clients not only achieve their goals without going on restrictive diets, but also (re)build a healthy and well-informed relationship with food.


We primarily consult in these 4 areas:


  • Weight Management (with special options for vegans and vegetarians)
  • Clinical Nutrition (PCOS, T2DM, etc.)
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Non-Diet nutrition (mindful & intuitive eating)


If you are interested, get in touch to tell us a bit about yourself and your goals and let see what we can do together!