Restaurant Consultations



UK is, sadly, one of the unhealthiest nations in Europe. We believe everyone, be it an individual, or a business, can contribute to improving the situation. To achieve a long-term change, it is necessary to change the food environment.


To do this, Ceren has designed a Restaurant Consulting Programme that simplifies the process for restaurants and cafes while making sure their brand identity remains strong.


As part of the programme, we will help you create new options for your business that are in line the new Public Health England guidelines, yet are in accordance with your permanent menu and style of cooking, therefore making them unique to your establishment.


These options can include “better” versions of your best sellers or can be created from scratch. The aim is to provide go-to options for health-conscious customers, thus increasing your customer base and revenue without significantly changing the menu or alienating existing customers.


We can also adjust portion sizes and proportions to make meals more balanced and, often, save on ingredients, as well as determine nutritional and allergen information.